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Low Mood / Depression

It is normal to feel a bit down, sad, or ‘low’ at times but sometimes it can get a lot worse than that.

When you feel down you often do not get as much pleasure from things anymore and everything might feel like it is harder e.g., getting out of bed, going to school, or doing your homework.

If you are feeling like this, you might notice that you become easily irritable or frustrated, are more tearful, worry a lot, feel tired, have trouble sleeping, do not like eating as much or wanting snacks a lot and/or you might avoid seeing people or doing activities you usually love.

Situations might become overwhelming, and you feel that you are not able to cope with a situation.

Some things you can do:

For a list of suggestions have a look here:

There might be a good reason like you have just moved school and feel unsettled, you might have had a fall out with your friends, some problems in your family, you might struggle with the loss of your pet or a person you were close to, someone is mean to you, you might have changes in your hormones, or you might be worried about someone / something else.

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