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Resources for Parents & Carers

What is autism masking?

Amazing Things Happen – by Alexander Amelines

  • The National Autistic Society is the biggest charity providing support and guidance for autistic people and their families in the UK. They also campaign for a society that works for autistic people by improving current services and changing attitudes of others.


  • They have loads of information on being autistic, different services for autistic people and support for them and their families.
  • Ambitious about Autism is a charity helping autistic children and young people thrive by improving opportunities and increasing awareness and understanding of autism.


  • They focus on supporting autistic young people in education and employment opportunities, as well as ensuring their opinions are heard and understood by policy-makers.
  • A website about autism for autistic people, it has some great resources to help you gain a better understanding of autism and differences you may have some as differences with sensory processing and executive function.
  • Have a selection of books on understanding and living with autism.
  • This charity has information on what autism looks like in girls and women, and how to support their unique needs.
  • Scarborough DAC offers advice and support to disabled people on key issues in Scarborough and surrounding areas. The group also runs TREATS which offers a variety and creative activities to disabled people.
  • WHISH offers support and guidance to families affected by hidden impairments in Whitby and the surrounding areas. WHISH provides a safe, non-judgmental, inclusive space for families.
  • A support group (a family in its own right) to parents/carers with children who have disabilities, additional needs or complex medical needs.
  • The Sleep Society is a charity helping everyone to sleep better regardless of their age, background or abillty
  • As parents and carers of autistic children, young people and adults, it can be hard to find help when you’re trying to get the right support. Autism Central aims to make it easier to learn more about autism and services available to you.

Our assessment service is currently available to children and young people under 18 years of age, who are registered with an NHS GP in the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale areas. If you are based in one of these locations and your child’s GP suspects that they might be autistic, they will refer your child to us.

If your child isn’t eligible for our service, don’t worry – we will inform their GP of the most appropriate alternative.

There are lots of young people who need an autism assessment at any given time, so waiting lists for services like ours can be anywhere from 3 months to a year long.

Once we have conducted your child’s pre-screening triage, we aim to provide you with an assessment outcome within 7 weeks, and a care plan in the next month.

Our self-help portal has resources to help you and your child to prepare for the assessment, and advice on supporting the health of autistic young people.

See the digital resource hub for links to more specific services, such as counselling, special educational needs for autistic children, and support for carers.

As part of the assessment, you will fill in a written questionnaire and have a face-to-face discussion about your child with an autism specialist. This is to provide the specialist with information about your child’s early years, which they may not remember themselves.

Your child will also complete a questionnaire about their social and sensory experiences. During the second (in-person) part of their assessment, a specialist will observe their behaviours and responses to set tasks, which are based on creative play and self-expression. They are not being ‘tested’ as such, because there is no right or wrong way to complete the tasks.

Regardless of the assessment outcome, you will have continued access to our self-help portal and digital resource hub.

If your child is not autistic, we will send a letter to their GP who will refer them to the appropriate service for further support. We will also signpost to other groups who might be able to help.

If we find that your child is autistic, you will have the opportunity to meet with the specialist within 4 weeks of their diagnosis and develop a care plan together, tailored to the specific needs of the young person.

How to find us

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Parking: You can find parking on site or there is a nearby pay and display. 

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